Monday, July 21, 2008

July 2, 2008 – 33 was a surprise!

Like many of us, even I don’t celebrate my birthday. I do get wishes from my family and friends who remember my birthday. It happened the same way this year, but there was something else that happened too!

First Surprise!
It was the first surprise birthday party I ever had and it came from my neighborhood friends. It was not all cake and pizza; it was the wonderful time we had, lying down on our new backyard, facing the ozone and studying the stars and planets.

I do remember two other souls on my birthday and they are Sundari and Arokiamary. That was a journey I started last year on the same day. I volunteered to sponsor for their accommodation and education. There is no such happiness in making a change in someone's life for the better.

Btw, I have a surprise to all on my 35th. Wait and see…!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The purpose of life is a life of purpose!

June 28, 2008

Well, people said that there is a marriage proposal and he said that it would be a friendly meet. I wasn't able to make up my mind for anything except that I was little nervous to meet a stranger. That feeling was totally gone after half an hour of waiting time.

3-3:30PM - Not a waste of time!
It was scheduled for 3PM at Le Grainne. Since I missed my train I thought I was going to be late and sent him an updated meeting request over the phone as 3:15. But I was 15 minutes early and was contemplating how to fill in the wait time.

At 5 past 3, I noticed an antique shop opposite to our meeting site. "Why don’t I go in and spend some time?” I went in. There was nothing that I could call as antique. I saw a nude Barbie doll and asked the lady there "Is that for sale too?” She said "Yes, it is! Creative people can make a dress for her." "There are some Ken dolls too!"-She added. "Did we change the meaning for the word 'antique'? I need to check the wordweb" - I thought.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside and I noticed that it started raining. I checked my bag to make sure that I had my handy umbrella. When the sales person started moving outside things inside, I slowly started moving outside.

It was pouring. I recollected those days when I and my friend ran out to dance when there was rain. Now, I thank God for the shelter on the walkway. Meantime I was informed that he is 10-15 minutes delayed. After pacing in the walkway for a while, I pulled myself into a nearby Rite-aid, to buy a bottle of water. Walked around the store to check whether there is any ladies room but couldn't find one. Finally, I asked the person at the counter, she said "We don't have one, may be you can try at the pizzeria".

I came out but couldn't locate the pizzeria from there. Suddenly felt someone hastening at my back. I turned slightly to see whether it is him. "He may not be the one!" - I turned back and started walking towards the other side. After few seconds, my vibrated cell phone made me to turn back again and I saw the guy standing much closer with a question mark expression "Vanitha?”

3:30 - 5PM - Le Grainne!
While on the walkway, he pointed a cafe and suggested that we can even go there. Well, I didn’t want to miss the crape I wanted to eat, or change the meeting spot. We directed our footsteps towards Le Grainne.

The Cafe appeared as if it was occupied with smoke. The smoke appeared as if it was filled with people. While we were waiting to be seated, he asked "are you ok?” for the first out of three times. "Yes!" I said, even though I was not. I have few qualities of Chris, the guy in "Curious incident of the dog...” The smoke, the people, the chatter, the guy's 1x1 pixel caring touch all made me feel little uncomfortable.

We exchanged few questions and answers. He heeded, altho most of my answers were ‘No/I don't know/shaking my head in all directions/a smile. I guess the one sip coffee I tasted before my crepe kept me and my taste buds off-track.He: “So, what do you do at home?”

Me: “Nothing!”
He: “Do you read books?”
Me: “Only on the train!”
He: “Do you watch TV?”
Me: “No!”
He: “How do you spend your time then?”
Me: “Sit, and dream!”
He: “Why don’t you write down your dreams?”

Even though I gave an answer, the question echoed and stayed in my mind. I felt as if the purpose has been defined.

5 – 5:20PM – A Walk Back!
We took off from Le Grainne. He seemed to be very excited from the time he arrived and the moment he read the title of the book I handed him, he became triple excited. We then shared a few experiences and he almost snatched his camera before I saw him falling down from the mechanical bull ride.

5:20 – 5:56PM – Penn Station, NY
I gave away my seat to a middle-aged sick woman and gazed the track display monitor by accompanying a pillar. The beginning of a journey already started deep down. The monitor displayed track 7 next to the train to New Jersey. Gotta run…!