Monday, September 13, 2010

The Keyboard

My father is very fond of music. That said, listening to music is one of his favorite pastime. If we switch off the tape or TV after he slept while listening to music, he wakes up, switch it on and then goes back to sleep again. This is norm. But the news is, now he wanted to learn keyboard. So he brought home this keyboard given away by his friend and left it in our living room. And, here starts the battle.

It is not that easy for me to buy or bring home something that is just going to lie around without any use. Even if it is on sale or absolutely free, I think twice about our need, how useful will it be and how often we use it in a year. So, I waited about a week for my father to start using the keyboard. But he cherished by a look of it and never got a chance to use it. Finally, I asked him either to use it or to return it back to his friend. One way this will save some space in our living room and other way, the keyboard will be used by someone for what it meant to be.

As they say, “out of (my) sight, out of (my) mind”, he then decided to hide it in his closet and then could take it out when he is ready to learn keyboard. I didn’t like the way it got imprisoned in a closet. My desire to give its freedom popped up this question in my mind. Why not I learn keyboard? Since I already play flute, reading musical notes won’t be that difficult. I found a perfect spot for the keyboard in our living room and guess what, now I am a keyboardist.

Nothing is as excited as learning something NEW! My dear hapless father (and mom) now listens to whatever (?) I play in that keyboard. Here is my first keyboard exploration.

This song is from a tamil movie called "Varanam Ayiram".

This need to guess!