Monday, July 21, 2008

July 2, 2008 – 33 was a surprise!

Like many of us, even I don’t celebrate my birthday. I do get wishes from my family and friends who remember my birthday. It happened the same way this year, but there was something else that happened too!

First Surprise!
It was the first surprise birthday party I ever had and it came from my neighborhood friends. It was not all cake and pizza; it was the wonderful time we had, lying down on our new backyard, facing the ozone and studying the stars and planets.

I do remember two other souls on my birthday and they are Sundari and Arokiamary. That was a journey I started last year on the same day. I volunteered to sponsor for their accommodation and education. There is no such happiness in making a change in someone's life for the better.

Btw, I have a surprise to all on my 35th. Wait and see…!


  1. I don't celebrate my birthday either but my daughter and wife want me to. My birthday was last week.

    My daughter made me WAFFLE in the morning that I don't really like but I ate it. When I came back from work, my wife and daughter insisted me to come open air movie that we have seen many times and they know I hate to sit in crowd to watch a movie. Then they proposed to take pizza to eat and I literally HATE PIZZA. I never eat it unless forced. This was kind of force.

    And my daughter kept linking all of it to birthday "Dad, it is your birthday. one day you can eat Pizza, one day you can sit in crowd to watch a movie..."

    Well things got better half way in the friends had double chocolate cake for me...I love chocolate. That was my daughter's idea...

    Then we came home with our friends.

    Then my daughter said "there is something at the door'

    There was indeed a Fedex. It was something for my wife.

    Well she opened it and it turned out it was a birthday gift for me a KINDLE. My daughter and I had gone to Target few weeks back and I was comparing Kindle/IPAD. She remembered and made my wife order KINDLE to be delivered late in the evening when we were gone.

    It is perfect blog post but for not sure why I am posting it here :) It is 100% true.

  2. A, That was so nice of your wife and daughter. I am not sure whether you enjoyed the movie / cake / pizza, but I am sure you'd have loved that kindle. It's in one item that is in my buy list. Thank you for sharing your birthday incidents. I could see your desire to write/share. Please do share if you come across any good books. Take care!