Monday, March 9, 2009

The art of growing with singular view!


Walk, fall, crawl, stop and turn head ten degrees vertically, see whether I could get a better view. Smile on almost empty mouth. Sit there by folding right leg with a support of right hand on the floor. Position left leg like an upside down V, laid left hand on top of it with a support of palm on the nearest cheek. "When am I going to grow bigger like these anna, akka?” to run, to catch, to roll, to fight and to play, to play, to play. Sigh!

Grin, laugh, shout, clap, kick and scream with extreme spirit as my eyes follow their playing. This world is new, everyone around is new, my first ever thought made the essence of life as "growing bigger is to play". Hit something on right, slowly turned head and see two tall wooden sticks standing vertically and there are wooden pieces connecting these two large sticks. Urged to climb over it. Lift my head to see its elevation and at the end of my vision stands a man doing some fixtures on the roof. Gee!

Catch, pull, push, fall and exclaim of the playing kids made my head back to former position. When thoughts made the essence of life clear again, ears heard that strange thunder voice, head lifted as brain asked to, eyes see something coming towards them, in the mid of a twinkle, it went straight down to my right iris like a dart. Whoops!


Left and right, front and back our torso traveled inside the cart as the bullock walks. Two young ladies on foot behind our cart. Start chit-chat with us. Looking at me, “oh! Gosh, what happened?” – First lady. “That’s so sad!” – Second lady. “At this age” - First one. “Oh no! You look good thou.” – Second one. “Don’t worry! God is there.” – First one again.

“Growing younger is to be supportive.” – my mind.


“Here he is!” – I agitated, as I walk with my friends to school. He uttered, teased, shouted, twitted, went away. “Straight with his cycle he’s going to go under the tires of a lorry one day” – I wished from my heart.

“Growing adult is to stay away from evil” – Thought rephrased the essence of life.


“I wish I have mine look like that” – a fan of my stagnant oculus.

Boohoo! “It hurts” – that’s me. “You can’t be like this. People think you look ugly. You should put on that.” – My grandma.

“Vanitha!” – A familiar but frightened voice sent on to my right ear and made my head twist to right. Mahesh’s face is couple of inches away from mine. “I have been standing here for few seconds, are you dreaming?” – That’s him.

“Growing elder is to face life's challenges” – Essence of life has been paraphrased.


"Your backhand stroke is much better than your forehand" - that's our family friend and my tennis coach Chandra.

“Hey Suresh, how are you?” - My mother sitting on the right front seat and was talking to my brother in India. “Ma, give it to me when you are done. I need to talk to him.” – Me from the driver’s seat. After few chat, “Ok, Suresh, she’s driving, she’ll talk to you later. Bye! Take care!” – My mom. “Ma, I told you that I need to talk to him, right?” – Me. “I gestured, but you didn’t respond.” – my mom.

Stare, smile, anger, it is ok, sorry, ignore – responses I get while I hit someone on my right on a busy New York Penn station.

“Growing riper is to experience and accept things that come to you with love, faith and peace which leads to happiness.” – The essence of life has been nailed down.


  1. How I wish for those innocent, carefree rainy days...

  2. Awesome. You should write more often. I am reading though your posts.

  3. I wrote this with a hidden truth. Hope you got the point A.

    I am trying to write more, but the problem is I need to have a serene mind and circumference. Otherwise, I can't think a bit:(