Monday, September 13, 2010

The Keyboard

My father is very fond of music. That said, listening to music is one of his favorite pastime. If we switch off the tape or TV after he slept while listening to music, he wakes up, switch it on and then goes back to sleep again. This is norm. But the news is, now he wanted to learn keyboard. So he brought home this keyboard given away by his friend and left it in our living room. And, here starts the battle.

It is not that easy for me to buy or bring home something that is just going to lie around without any use. Even if it is on sale or absolutely free, I think twice about our need, how useful will it be and how often we use it in a year. So, I waited about a week for my father to start using the keyboard. But he cherished by a look of it and never got a chance to use it. Finally, I asked him either to use it or to return it back to his friend. One way this will save some space in our living room and other way, the keyboard will be used by someone for what it meant to be.

As they say, “out of (my) sight, out of (my) mind”, he then decided to hide it in his closet and then could take it out when he is ready to learn keyboard. I didn’t like the way it got imprisoned in a closet. My desire to give its freedom popped up this question in my mind. Why not I learn keyboard? Since I already play flute, reading musical notes won’t be that difficult. I found a perfect spot for the keyboard in our living room and guess what, now I am a keyboardist.

Nothing is as excited as learning something NEW! My dear hapless father (and mom) now listens to whatever (?) I play in that keyboard. Here is my first keyboard exploration.

This song is from a tamil movie called "Varanam Ayiram".

This need to guess!


  1. Excellent work. I am very fond of music and always wanted to sing and play an instrument. My voice is pretty bad and hence I could not sing. Also I never learnt a musical instrument while growing up because we did not have resources to do so in India.

    Few years back, my daughter started piano lessons. Initially learning piano could be boring and hence to motivate her I also started learning with her. A lot of people made fun of me but I kept going for a year and played at a recital. Few more adults got inspired and they also started learning.

    I had to give up piano lessons because of my traveling job but my daughter still goes for lesson and she REALLY REALLY likes playing it and plays pretty good. I am so proud of her.

    It is never late. I could have and will resume lessons soon.

    But if you know one musical instrument, it is easy to learn others.

    Having said that with job and house hold work, time becomes a constraint and I am proud of you for your dedication to learn.

  2. Thank you A. Same here, I have never learnt any musical instrument back in India which I always wanted to. Two years ago I joined in a band where they'll teach music and we need to perform in concerts. I choose flute to play, but keyboard is much easier. Yes, it's never too late to make music:) That's our punch line.

  3. Hi Vanitha! Nice to read your post after a long time.

    All the best with music-ing A & V! Somehow it is not one of my fancy.I love drummers though.

    ~ NRIGirl

  4. Nice to be visiting here. Now only I know your name is Vanitha and neenga namma ooru ponnu. I am glad you learnt to play the keyboard. It is very relaxing.

  5. Thank you SG. Yes I am (unga ooru ponnu:)! Your writings are very informative and thought provoking. Why don't you have a "follow my blog" option? That would be very convenient for us.

  6. SG, Never mind. I could even follow your blog from mine without having that option in yours. Glad to meet you in blogger world.

  7. That was awesome!!!I have always wanted to play an instrument ,but i suspect i am tone deaf and have zero talent for notes.

  8. Thank you Bedazzled. Even I had the same thoughts, but learning music is that easy and the pleasure you get is lifetime. I highly recommend you to start with some instrument and see how it goes. There are some videos available in youtube on how to read notes. I'm hoping to meet you again in this virtual world.

  9. thnks.. will check youtube. have blogrolled you.

  10. As we were both mentioned on NRIGirl's site AND I love visiting other bloggers I though I'd stop by and say hello. Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed visiting.

  11. Just like Petty Witter said above, as we both are mentioned in NRI Girl's ........
    Was wondering about your musical escapades. As you play the flute your hands should have been the first to touch the key boards when you sighted it :-)
    When I tried to play the key board, a friend of mine (who was an expert) said "No Joe if you are planning to play, do it the right way and use both hands with all fingers"
    Next time hope to hear more songs from you (with both hands) and a steady keyboard :-)
    Like your dad, I too have the habit of putting the radio on and sleeping. I wrote a post about it. Here it is:

  12. You were mentioned by the NRI girl too.
    I am serious about music.If I hadn't become a doctor,I would have opted become a musician.I learned Carnatic Classical from about 10 years of age.If one has music in genes,it is easy to learn any instruments.It would come natural. I didn't learn instruments from teachers,but could handle most of the instruments my self.
    The best way to go to sleep is with music.You will wake up with music in your hearts.

  13. Thank you Petty Witter, Haddock and Dr.Antony for visting me in the blogger world.

    @Haddock, Thank you for your honest feedback. Yes, I'll try to play with both hands and no shaking of the keyboard. I wanted to load that 3 cds of Stars on 45 into my ipod. Please keep me posted with good music/albums. btw, I jived:)

    @Doc: Looks like there is an inbuilt musician in you:) Please send me URLs if you have blogged about music. "The best way to go to sleep is with music. You will wake up with music in your hearts." - nice and true.