Friday, October 29, 2010

Perceptions cannot be real but can create reality!

While a friend and I were shooting the breeze, she asked me, “why not what I (as a person) perceive could be real?” To nail down my viewpoint, i.e. perceptions cannot create reality, I came up with a story. Two people see a bird sitting on a tree which is quite far away. The surefooted first person says: “Look at there, a parrot!” The second person reasons: “Oh! That is an eagle!” but here the known reality is that it is neither a parrot nor an eagle, but a crow.

Later one day, I read an article in a magazine where it articulates “Perception can create reality!” I was a little confused and started digging more about this concept and came to a sheer conclusion that Perceptions cannot be real but can create reality.


In that story, we all knew that it is a crow. But what if, we do not know that it is a crow. That’s where one’s perception becomes one’s reality. The person, who sees the bird as parrot, always sees it as a parrot, unless he knew the truth or tries to conceive what the second person sees it as. So does the second person. And this is how the major part of our life has been entwined, by making our own perceptions into reality.

So to sum up…

As you think, so you become.
As you visualize, so will it happens.
As your mind, so is your destiny.

As you perceive, so is your reality!


  1. Absolutely correct !

    Very well written

  2. Have you read the "The Ugly Duckling"?
    (Hans Christian Anderson fables). That gives you the answer.Everyone has a place.And it also depends on how you look at life.
    Good post.

  3. Thank you A and Dr.Antony. No, I haven't read that book Dr., will look for it. Thank you!

  4. If you walk like a winner, if you act like a winner, if you dress like a winner, then you are a winner.

  5. Dr Antony's quote on the Ugly Duckling is the perfect example for this.

  6. nice one.but at times as a fluke,percetion can turn into a reality,what say?and everyone speaking about "ugly duckling"should read that now.nice article ,nice thoughts .

  7. Thank you Raji. Yes, perception can be deceptive and can also create reality. Even I am looking forward to read the "ugly duckling".

  8. I've just realised that I now have a few followers who I have never had the pleasure of 'meeting' so I thought I'd stop by you all to say hello.

  9. Simly Brilliant idea and brilliantly expressed also.

  10. A old post, but i came across it today. The truth written brilliantly.