Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It is coincidence!!

I never believed that two souls with similar desire and dream could only survive in a wedded life. So I haven’t set any serious requirement for my partner, except that I should like him the way he is and hoped that he would like me the way I am. As they say, Life gives answer in three ways. 1. It says "yes" and gives you what you want. 2. It says "no" and gives you something better. 3. It says "wait" and gives you the best. I waited and got the best.

Raj and I sidetracked ourselves from partner search, and started walking in our own life's track. Getting to know him is like letting someone know about me. He is an epitome I see in the mirror every day. We don't conceive that life is all about coincidences. But our life has lot of coincidences and so we tagged this connection as "It is coincidence!!"

Co incidents...
Our purpose of marriage is closely knitted. Our belief is set in our conscience. Our hope is to hold the poise. Our dream is to make a tranquil home. Our trust is laid in one another. Our wish is to go around the world. Our want is to give love. Our desire is to rejoice the life. Our worst nightmare is nagging and being controlled.

We are not a big fan of Apple and Starbucks. We have a mix of east and west outlook. We embrace healthy living. We strive to keep fit. We dreamt about an unsophisticated wedding. We are fond of girl children. We have a desire to adopt kids. We lay same attitude on bringing up kids. We have more space for pets in our family. We would like to keep our surroundings clean and organized. We would love to own/drive a Wrangler. We say big "NO" to public displays of affection. We do NOT want to participate in any rat race. Pulling each others leg is our all-time favorite pastime.

Co accidents...
Humanitarian is the single purpose of me being pure vegetarian and he being pure non-vegetarian. Though, quality and designer wears go hand in hand, I prefer quality, whereas he prefers designer wears. I never considered Peanut butter as edible, which serves as his meal at times. Jasmine in my hair gives pleasure to my sense of smell and displeasure to his sense of sight. He is at his best behind the camera and I in front of the camera. I feel cartoons are meant for kids and he feels it brings out the kid in him.

Best of all, we hold that life is NOT driven by incident, accident, fate, chance, luck and destiny, but a little bit of everything:)


  1. Wow! That is beautiful! Hats off to you both and congrats too as we eagerly await the BIG Day!

    You are both loved very much! Can't wait to have a relaxed chit chat than the high profile hi-bye!

    God bless you both. Take care and may all your dreams come true!

  2. Message communicated very nicely. God bless both of you. My best wishes are with you always.

  3. wow V... this is a pleasant surprise for me.. will call you soon... can't wait to talk to you :) am very much happy for you..

  4. My sincere wishes and blessings to you both.
    Praise God for bringing you together and may God bless you both.
    Thanks for sharing the news and the pics.
    Waiting for the wedding bells to ring for you both
    ------- yohapushpam

  5. and he feels it brings out the kid in him....... that is very true.
    I still enjoy that half an hour of Tom & Jerry......what if it is a rerun.

  6. Loved the article.I liked the way you both live life.Even we believe in simplicity,especially my husband believes the same principle .I liked it when you said "we are not into public display of love .no rat race".That's how it should be ,but I see that most of them don't believe in this and feel humiliated if their husband don't pamper them outside publicly.

  7. Listen BWP! You have been tagged! Amma to be blamed. Please check out my latest post...